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International Diploma in Hair Dressing International Diploma in Hair Dressing - (6 Months)
Diploma in Hair Designing Diploma in Hair Designing - (5 Months)
Diploma in Hair Dressing Diploma in Hair Dressing - (3 Months)
Foundation in Hair Dressing Foundation in Hair Dressing - (1.5 Months)

Personality Development Courses
communication skills and techniques
Advantages Of LTA School Of Beauty International Diploma in Hair Dressing - ( 6 Months )

City & Guilds Syllabus

Unit 001: Unit 001:
   Working in Hair Dressing Working in Hair Dressing
Unit 002: Unit 002:
   Maintain Health & Safety in Salon Maintain Health & Safety in Salon
Unit 003: Unit 003:
   Client Consultation for Hair Dressing Services Client Consultation for Hair Dressing Services
Unit 004: Unit 004:
   Shampooing & Conditioning the Hair & Scalp Shampooing & Conditioning the Hair & Scalp
Unit 005: Unit 005:
   Hair Cuts-Women Hair Hair Cuts-Women Hair
Unit 006: Unit 006:
   Styling & Dressing Women Hair Styling & Dressing Women Hair
Unit 007: Unit 007:
   Color Hair Color Hair
Unit 008: Unit 008:
   Perm & Neutralise Hair Perm & Neutralise Hair
Unit 009: Unit 009:
   Relax & Neutralise Hair Relax & Neutralise Hair
Unit 010: Unit 010:
   Men�s Styling Men's Styling
Unit 011: Unit 011:
   Specialised Hair Treatments Specialised Hair Treatments
Unit 012: Unit 012:
   Introduction to Salon Management Introduction to Salon Management
Duration: 6 Months
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          School of Beauty
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